The Learning

We’ve  Been Wing-Washed

Victoria’s Secret used their power gained to determine “sexy” through the lens of anyone besides those wearing the products. 

The continued push of the “perfect body” put pressure on consumers and models alike and the fantasy began to wear off. 

Performative Inclusion Isn’t Powerful

The rebrand offered a commitment to body positivity and diversity but it was clear the brand was trying to quickly atone for their sins and it felt inauthentic to its consumers.

“Victoria's Secret generated some buzz over its new inclusive look, but it didn't translate into sales. With customers turning to other popular lingerie brands like Savage X Fenty and Thirdlove, the company projects only $6.2 billion in sales this year (2023) — down more than $1 billion since 2020”

A Missed Opportunity to Re-Shape Power

The brand used their power for a drastic rebrand that fell short. The world needs brands that will do more than what is right or expected. It needs a brand that is willing to show what it looks like to stand up against outdated mindsets even if they themself helped create them.