The North Star We Need

Victoria's Secret is the leader in the market and therefore has a responsibility to be the leader in this movement.

Where Will We Rally Our Troops?

This begins as a grassroots campaign. We will tease our campaign first at colleges and universities where influence is high. We will meet women at a time in their lives when they are discovering and defining who they are.

Disrupting the “Sexy” Algorithm

Models and consumers alike are no longer sex symbols. A site hack on Pornhub will disrupt the cycle of sexualization. Replacing the expected videos with cameos, tutorials, and imagery of women doing anything except what you might expect on a pornography site

Bye-Bye Fantasy

Victoria's secret will initiate their army of anarchy to disrupt traditional advertising by destroying the brand's current out of home advertising. 

What Happens Now?

This rebellious campaign allows Victoria’s Secret to join forces with the people of the brand rather than set themselves apart. It gives them a chance to rewrite their legacy. And when you take that first step into battle, your new Army of Angels will follow.