The Learning

Childhood Looks Different 
Than It Used To

Brands are packaging miniaturized adulthood. They target young consumers in hopes that they will grow up to become brand loyalists, remembering these interactions above all.

Kids Still Talk Like Kids

Brands may be trying to talk to kids like small adults, but the kids we talked to still talked like kids.

“I want lizard shoes. I like them” - Age 3
“Purple or Sparkles. Like a Princess” - Age 5
“I want to run faster than my brother” - Age 8

There’s a Great Danger 
in Growing Up Too Fast

Kids interact with brands on average 550 times a day and they’re all telling them to GROW UP. But when you press fast-forward on childhood, kids risk losing a lot.  It’s a vital time for development and exploration of self.

Kids Foot Locker Speaks Shoes But It Doesn’t Speak Kid 

There’s a reason places like science and children’s museums keep kids excited to come back. They offer wonder, the use of imagination, and deliver the feeling of awe in a way kids can recognize.        


How will we reconnect young consumers with the Foot Locker brand authentically?

A traditional campaign is not enough to save the brand. Kids Foot Locker needs an identity that kids can resonate with. One that will bring kids into stores to discover wonder, imagination, and awe.