Kids Foot Locker

Re-Brand Strategy and Store Activation

Kids Foot Locker 
is In Trouble

Over 400 Kids Foot Locker stores are expected to close by 2026. 
Kids Foot Locker is struggling to compete with the convenience of 
“all-in-one” retail stores like Target or Walmart.

The Challenge

How Can We Revitalize the Brand and 
Get More Kids Feet into Kids Foot Locker?

We Started By
Digging Into Research

We Talked to Kids
(and former kids)
Kiddie Focus Group
One-on-One Interviews

Explored Places
Kids Like to Go
Visited the Science Museum
Desk Research on Children’s Museums

Examined Products
Targeting Kids
Creative Audit
Market Research

The Learning

Childhood Looks Different 
Than It Used To

Brands are packaging miniaturized adulthood. They target young consumers in hopes that they will grow up to become brand loyalists, remembering these interactions above all.

Kids Still Talk Like Kids

Brands may be trying to talk to kids like small adults, but the kids we talked to still talked like kids.

“I want lizard shoes. I like them” - Age 3
“Purple or Sparkles. Like a Princess” - Age 5
“I want to run faster than my brother” - Age 8

There’s a Great Danger 
in Growing Up Too Fast

Kids interact with brands on average 550 times a day and they’re all telling them to GROW UP. But when you press fast-forward on childhood, kids risk losing a lot.  It’s a vital time for development and exploration of self.

Kids Foot Locker Speaks Shoes But It Doesn’t Speak Kid 

There’s a reason places like science and children’s museums keep kids excited to come back. They offer wonder, the use of imagination, and deliver the feeling of awe in a way kids can recognize.        


How will we reconnect young consumers with the Foot Locker brand authentically?

A traditional campaign is not enough to save the brand. Kids Foot Locker needs an identity that kids can resonate with. One that will bring kids into stores to discover wonder, imagination, and awe.

Wonder cultivates curiosity
Imagination lets us create and try on new realities
Awe leaves us feeling energized and inspired

Kids remember the places that speak
in a language they can understand


Foot Locker is the Place Where Adulting Can Wait


Kids Foot Locker Will Start Acting Its Age

We will reinvent Kid’s Foot Locker as ...

Kids Foot Locker

Kids Foot Locker stores will undergo transformation to allow kids to experience shopping that walks and talks like kids do.

The Parts and Pieces

Store Re-design
In-store and Online User Experience Development
Out of Home
Social Campaign

Welcome In!

The front of the store gets a whole new look to help kids know they’ve come to right place. 

Explore the Store Differently

The store layout will include language that comes top of mind for kids when shopping. Categories like “Super Duper Speed,” “Glitter,” or “Dino Stompers” will help kids find the shoes they really want. 

Think Like a Kid, 
Shop Like a Kid

We know it’s parents who have final say in most purchases. The new in-store and online user experience lets parents set parameters first. After that, creativity and whimsy take over as kids discover a new shopping experience. 

Spark Curiosity With Out of Home

Museums know kids see the world differently and design their spaces with a different perspective. We used this research to create out of home that engages kids at different levels and begs for stimulating interaction. 

Next Level Fridge Art

Kids love seeing their artwork on the fridge- imagine it up in the sky! User generated content is put proudly on display and Kid’s Foot Locker shoes become the perfect fit to when using your imagination. 

Keep Social Fresh

Kids Foot Locker 
Is More Than Just a Fit

We will  start acting our age. So that when kids do decide to grow up, they remember the wonder, imagination, and awe of being a kid at a Kids Foot Locker.