The Learning

It’s Not About S*x ! 
It’s About Expression

People join the fandom because it allows a for unique self expression. Fursonas are often chosen as a way to role play character traits idealized or suppressed. LGBTQ+ Furries say being apart of the community is a means by which they can also safely explore their identity.

The Media is Both Friend and Foe

The internet gave Furry fandom room to grow as forums and chat rooms gave birth to pocket communities across the globe. However, increased visibility made Furries a target for cyberbullying and misrepresentation online and in popular culture.

Furries Culture and History is 
Rooted in Artistic Creativity

Furry Fandom is home to the intersection of several artistic micro-cultures. Furries were born out of underground comic and zine conventions. Now, fans are able to draw, sew, animate, and AI generate across the globe.