D&AD New Bloods Submission 2024

Develop an innovative service, product or campaign that solves a chosen barrier to sexual freedom.

Purity Is A Myth

Purity is an outdated social construct assigning worth to sexual status and ranking morality according to how we use our bodies.

The Learning

Toxic Purity Culture Has Pushed Us Into Sides




The Pressure To Act “Pure” Makes Desires Dangerous

Sexual shame can lead to: 
  • sexual dysfunction
  • problems in intimate relationships 
  • engagement in unsafe sexual practices
  • poor mental and psychological health
Stigmas affect if and how people disclose vital medical information.
The maintenance of virginity imposed on young girls and women puts them at higher risk for assault. 

Toxic Purity Culture Affect More Than You Think

Our team’s personal experiences aligned with research that identified harmful effects of purity culture: expected societal silos of women, fearful repercussions from coming out, unclear communication from trusted figures like teachers, parents, doctors. While many of these begin in adolescence, they trickle into our adult lives as shame, confusion and insecurity.

We Are Pure When We Are Free To Express Our Desires

Purity is Out, Pure Sex is In

Pure sex erases invisible lines and gives you back the freedom to desire differently.


The Champion of Impure Desires


Durex Purity Solution Products

A sex positive campaign and product line promoting pleasure and protection that gives power to the individual.

Durex Believes Pleasure
Is For All

Durex knows there’s not one way to have sex. Break free from the shame and stigma to experience pleasure.

Out of Home

“Purity Solution Products” are Durex’s own products in packaging that proves a point.
Individuals can take charge of their body and desires through use of sexual wellness and pleasure products by Durex.

Scrubbing Social

Durex will use social media platforms to scrub for toxic purity content and promote healthy truths.

Creative Process

Our team’s personal experiences with stigma and shame helped us to identify this chosen barrier. We wanted to flip the many tropes associated with cleaning ads and who’s in them.