Service Development and Activation

Arby’s knows their core audience is aging out.

Arby’s core customer base of blue collar workers is aging out. They want to attract a younger audience while staying relevant with their core demographic. 

The Challenge

They asked us to target Millenials with a new rewards app and loyalty program. by building awareness through their rewards program and drive new users to it. increase retention ...add something about a quick service restaurant

Oh yeah, we were given four days from the breif to concept and complete all executions. 

The Research

  • We Ate at Arby’s and Arby’s Came to Us
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Explored Cultural Moments
  • Demographic Research
  • Social Listening

The Learning

Arby’s Isn’t Top of Mind When it Comes to Fast Food

Younger people know Arby’s has the meats, but they don’t reach for it often. The brand lacks a strong presence in the digital space where many young people are rewarded for engaging with other QSR brands.

Millennials Have A Passion for Premium

Millennials have discerning tastes. And that’s not a bad thing. When it comes to choosing what to eat; they want the good stuff, the best stuff, and they’ll spend to get it.

Our World Revolves Around Meat

Every invention ever has been in service of the meat. We crafted the knife to cut the meat. We tamed fire to cook the meat. We invented the wheel to move the meat. So, this begs the question, why did we invent the smartphone? To get our meats faster.

So, why did we invent the smartphone?
To get our meats even faster.

How will we build brand awareness and retain users on Arby’s new rewards app?

Arby’s will ask these premium loving consumers to evolve their taste. To let their natural instincts guide them to the place that has the meats, a new rewards app program that is a cut above the rest.


Evolve Your Taste

Creative Idea

Join The Evolution, 
Become an Arbyvore

What is an Arbyvore?

Arbyvore (n) : a person who is a premium meat devotee, committed to 
the meats and sharing the good word 
of the meats

Zoology: A mammal at the top of the food chain that feasts on premium meats

The Parts and Pieces

App Design
User Experience Development
Out of Home
Social Campaign

Arbyvores think meat rules their world... 
and so do we.

The Arbyvore rewards app is unlike other QSR rewards app because it offers more than just promotional deals. It’s a home for like-minded meat lovers with benefits and features that are a cut above the rest. 


Where Else Can We Engage With Millenials Online?

It’s easy to catch the attention of Millenials if you know their favorite online pastimes. Arbyvores can now check their Meat Score on Zillow. This score gauges their proximity to the nearest Arby’s location. 

Arbyvores Take To Twitter

Research showed there are two “dark meat zones” in the United States.

Vermont and Rhode Island are the only two states without an Arby’s location.

The Great Meat Relief

True Arbyvores would never let another Arbyvore go meat hungry - and neither would Arby’s. With this stunt, Arbyvores can send meatless comrades care packages to curb their cravings.